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Women's Bowling Alliance

Who are we? 
An Alliance of women who have a passion for the sport of bowling!

Since the demise of the Professional Women's Bowling Tour (PWBA)  in 2003, no one has "stepped up" to bring back any tournaments other than the Majors. It is up to us, the bowlers, to support and create our own destiny.

Our mission is to raise money from personal donations and develop tournaments throughout the year for women bowlers. Our goal is to have 2,000 people donating $5 or more, per month. We can create 12 tournaments a year with $10,000 added money before any manufacturer sponsorship.  Go to our "Make a Donation" tab today!

Spread the Word......."Women's Bowling is Back!"

   Paula Vidad      Erin Lenahan       Fran Deken

       WBA Founder &            Co-Founder &              Executive Advisor 
  Tournament Director        Mktg Specialist               and Historian

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